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How To Have Period Sex
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How To Have Period Sex

Are you down for period sex? For a long time, the idea of having sex on your period was a complete no-no - for both men and women. But let’s face it, that was down to the patriarchal assumption that periods were unclean, which, news alert - they are not.

Thankfully, attitudes are changing and around a third of couples interviewed by Simpatic.us said they were interested in giving period sex ago, whilst a survey by women’s healthcare brand Intimina showed 88% of women think period sex is nothing to be ashamed of (and we agree!). In another survey of over 500 people, 30% of women said they actually want to have more sex on their period than any other time.

So, it sounds like the majority of menstruators are keen to keep their sex life vibrant, wherever they are in their menstrual cycle - which we love to hear. 

Benefits of period sex

Period sex is not only ok - it could actually be good for you! Orgasms are great for relieving period pain and other forms of PMS, like low mood. The combination of endorphins and contraction and release of your uterus and cervix is like a natural painkiller and a mood booster rolled into one! 70% of people in our Menstrubation Study even said that orgasms through masturbation helped reduce intensity of period pain - so it makes sense that the same would go for sex with a partner! 

You also might find that orgasms are more intense - and easier to achieve - during your period. With increased blood flow to your intimate areas, comes increased sensitivity, libido and arousal. 

Period blood also acts as a natural lubricant, so if you’re someone who sometimes finds sex uncomfortable due to vaginal dryness, you might find that period sex is perfect for you. Although of course, if you need a little help throughout the rest of your cycle our water-based, vegan lubricant has got you covered. 

Can I get pregnant from period sex?

Another great bonus of period sex (if you aren’t currently trying for a baby), is that it’s very unlikely you are going to get pregnant from it. We are most fertile before, during and after ovulation - aka when your body releases an egg to be fertilized. When you have a period that is essentially your uterus recognizing that the egg has not become a fetus and shedding the uterine lining (alongside the egg!) 

Generally speaking, you can’t get pregnant on your period - however, some people’s cycles like to play tricks on them - so we do always recommend still using contraception if babies are not on the cards for you right now. Another important reason to use contraception - and condoms specifically - is that you are more likely to contract STIs when you have period sex. Viruses like HIV can be carried in menstrual blood, so make sure you are keeping yourself and your partner safe! 

Top tips for top period sex

So are you keen on a menstrual make out session? Gigi Engle, a sex educator and writer, has some great advice for couples wanting to have period sex:

  1. Invest in some period towels – If you’re worried about mess, this is a simple and easy fix. Grab some towels - ideally red ones - and slip them under you before you get going. Then just pop them in the washing machine afterwards. 
  2. Head for the shower. - The weird thing about shower sex is that your vagina’s natural lubricants can get washed away by the water, making you dry in the wet. That all changes when you’re on your period. The blood gives you much more lubrication, so it’s the best time to try shower sex. Plus, the water washes away any mess. Win-win.
  3. Talk to your partner - Even if you are on board with period sex, your partner might still have some old fashioned hang-ups. You don’t want them to be surprised when why see you are bleeding (they might even think you’re hurt) so being upfront and honest with them about your desires and standpoint on period sex is the best idea. 
  4. Embrace the mess. -  It’s only blood. If neither of you are put off by it, play with it. Try some finger painting or go all out with primal role play. There’s something very animalistic about blood and you might unlock a fun, new fantasy you can both get into. 
  5. Get Clitical.  - Too often we put too much emphasis on penetrative sex - and that’s not all there is! If you don’t feel like I had something inside you during your period, that doesn’t mean sex is off the table. Grab hold of some clitoral sex toys, like the Romp Wave or the Womanizer Premium Eco and let those orgasms fly! Just wash them in warm water after, or use Cup Cleansing Wipes (they’re great for silicone-based sex toys too!) and they’re as good as new.
  6. Grab your cup - If you’re asking yourself “can I have sex with a period cup?”, the answer’s yes. You have two choices. You can either take it out before penetrative sex or, if you’re in the middle of a heavy flow, you can enjoy oral sex instead. That way your menstrual cup can stay right where it is and you can still have mind-blowing orgasms.

    1 kommentera How To Have Period Sex

    • VeraAnn
      VeraAnn August 23, 2021

      Loveee!!!! I’m one of those who always wanted too have sex on my period but like y said the mess nd also I feel/felt a little embarrassed. So will definitely have to talk nd try this out! Thanks for the advice 🙏 I’ve legitimately been searching for a solution for too long!

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