Monki x Lunette menstrosor.

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Periods are cool. Period. 

Soft and secure, the Monki x Lunette Period Panties are a comfy addition to your underwear drawer — no leaks, no stress! Read on to learn more about how these are more than just your everyday briefs <3 

Keep Flowing 

When you’re on your period, you want clothes that are cosy - and your underwear should be no different. We want you to feel secure without compromising on comfort, so these pants have been created with your period and your body in mind. The high gusset and wide waist panel not only protects from leaks but also gives full, supportive coverage - whether you’re on the go or in menstruation hibernation mode. And the best, they hold up to one cup or three tampons of blood.


Used on its own, these velvety soft black panties can handle light to medium flow (= 25 ml), but to be specific, this means: 

  • Up to 3 tampons worth of liquid 


  • One small menstrual cup 

On heavier days, pair these with your Monki x Lunette menstrual cup and you’re ready to take on the day (even if that means sitting on the couch watching your favourite shows)! 

Psst — while these are called period panties, you can also wear them any other day of your cycle (to protect from discharge & incontinence, for example). But hey, feel free to wear them whenever you want, really! 

Wear, wash, re-use! 

It may seem like a lot to pay for a pair of undies, but remember, these are not just any regular briefs!  You can use them for up to 12 hours straight (that means you can wear them even while you’re asleep!) and can be tossed in the washing machine. It’s recommended to wash the period panties at 40° C to maintain the quality, but they can also handle the occasional 60° C wash. Hang them to dry as you would your regular undies. But don’t put them in the dryer — this may affect the fabric layer that prevents leakage! 

Next-level comfort & care 

  • Slim elasticated waistband. 
  • High gusset and wide waist panel for supportive coverage. 
  • High-quality Oeko-tex 100 materials. 
  • No extra chemical additives used in the production of the fabric. 
  • No antibacterial coating

It’s in the details 

  • Organic cotton – soft & comfy for your vulva while wicking away moisture, fast! Because we know how uncomfortably sweaty it can get down there. 
  • Highly absorbent inner layers to keep the liquid in. 
  • Laminated polyester to prevent leakage — so you can wear those light-coloured outfits with confidence. 
  • Made in the EU. 


What are these period pants made of?

Your period panties are made from Öko tex -fabrics and breathable organic cotton in the gusset - to keep your vulva happy. They are also created ethically in the EU, so you can wear them with eco-conscious confidence. 

Velvety smooth and elastic fabric offers great fit. Organic cotton feels comfortable against the intimate area and wicks moisture fast. Highly absorbent inner layers keeps the moisture in and laminated polyester prevents it leaking through.

95% LyocelL, 5% elastane, 100% organic cotton, inner layers: 90% polyester, 10% polyamidi, 100% laminated polyester 

p.s. Please choose one bigger than normally, sizing is snug.

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