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A Guide to Daily Intimate Care Products
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A Guide to Daily Intimate Care Products

You didn’t think we just made period care products did you!? In case you missed it, this year we launched two new product ranges - Our Intimate Range and our Pleasure Range. Just like our period products, every item was created with the health of your body and the impact on the planet in mind - so let’s meet them! 

Our Intimate Range 

There is much debate about whether you need to wash or clean your vulva. The vagina is self-cleaning (so you definitely don’t need anything going up there!) but sometimes things around the vulva can get a bit messy!  Whether it’s a post-coital clear up or a post-work out refresh, we wanted to create a product line that revived between the thighs, without harming your body or the planet. 

Our Intimate Cleanser 

Our cleanser is a bit like your vulva’s secret skincare weapon! Although it’s less about cleaning and more about cleansing, soothing and moisturizing. 

Now and again you might need a little self care down there - and our Intimate Cleanser definitely delivers that! What you don’t need are fragrances masking your natural scent or soaps, hormones and chemicals messing with your delicate pH balance. 

We created our fragrance-free Intimate Cleanser with 100% natural ingredients, like hydrating Nordic botanical oil, so you won’t get any dryness or irritation (it’s probably why it comes recommended by gynecologists!). Like all of our products our intimate cleanser is 100% vegan, so you know that caring for your vulva comes cruelty free.   

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Intimate Wipes 

When showers are a no-go and you need to freshen up on the go - handy wet wipes can be a total savior!

However, if you’ve ever used traditional wet wipes on your intimate area you’ll know that itchiness and irritation can really impact your adventures. That’s why we created our Intimate Wipes, designed specifically to be gentle to the sensitive skin on your vulva (although you can use them pretty much anywhere!) 

Natural lingonberry extract will leave you refreshed, revived and ready for anything - and your vulva happy, healthy and irritation free! The best part? These Intimate Wipes are 100% compostable, so they’re easy to dispose of safely and sustainably, even if you’re embracing the great outdoors.

Shop Intimate Wipes Now 

Our Pleasure Range

Sex is one of life’s biggest joys - and we’re all about celebrating pleasure in all its forms! We wanted to prove that safe sex could be sustainable and encourage you to make love not waste, which is why we created our eco-friendly Pleasure Range. Our condoms and a lubricant help you have an ethical sex life that help you to reach mind blowing new heights of sexctasy whilst caring for the planet!


We wanted to help you slide into pleasure whilst still being safe and sustainable - which is why we created our 100% vegan lube. Safe to use with condoms and perfect for partner play or riding solo, this will seriously level up your sensitivity, so the world is your orgasmic oyster!  

Our super hydrating lubricant keeps things simple, which means no irritating fragrances or chemicals that can dry you out or play with your PH balance. We just made it with lots of water to keep things slippy and a few gentle ingredients like xantham gum (aka nature’s lubricant!) It’s also silicone friendly - which means it’s perfect for using with toys or even to help insert your Lunette Menstrual Cup! 

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Safe sex doesn’t have to sacrifice on sensuality or sustainability. We’ve created condoms that tick all the boxes when it comes to pleasure and positivty! Ultra-thin and lightly lubricated, you and your partner won’t even notice they’re there, so you can catch all the feels in your most intimate moments! 

We wanted to help you cum together to save the planet, so every condom is fairtrade, ethically produced in the EU and comes in eco-friendly packaging (and did we mention they're vegan?) With no harmful chemicals, ingredients or rubbery fragrances, these super simple condoms will make sure you’re left with mind blowing memories rather than dryness or irritation.   

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