Womanizer Premium

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Let's get clitical

The results for the first-of-its-kind Menstrubation Study are in – and it turns out masturbation truly helps to combat period pain! So, the next time you feel the cramps coming on, you know what to do. Click & shop at Lunette. That’s right, sweet beans, we are officially selling sex toys.

Womanizer PREMIUM combines all of revolutionary patented technologies into one exceptional product.

PREMIUM has a very discreet and tasteful appeal with its ergonomic shape, sophisticated look and feel and its alluring color design; making it the perfect option for everyone. No need to feel embarrassed if it gets spotted by someone else -it looks just like a piece of art. And, it is! An exceptional guarantee for pleasure beyond compare.

All WOMANIZER products feature a unique innovation called Pleasure Air™ Technology. ​Why is it so special? Your clitoris is stimulated without direct contact. Gentle air vibrations suck and massage together to provide an unprecedented orgasmic feeling.

The innovative Smart Silence™ Technology lets you indulge in your desire. The WOMANIZER Premium only starts when it is contact with your skin. If you're not using it, the toy goes into standby mode. This not only makes the WOMANIZER Premium quieter to use but keeps you in the moment without distraction.

Autopilot™ Close your eyes. Lie back. Now let the waves of your desire carry you away. When switched on, the toy takes the lead. The 12 intensity levels vary at random, so you never know what comes next. You simply choose your mode (Soft, Medium or Intense) – and then give up control. Just hold in the right place and let Premium do all the rest.

12 intensity levels Whether you prefer soft and gentle or powerful and intense, or something in between – your next orgasm is just the push of a button away. The intensity levels are perfectly balanced and offer the right setting for every mood.

IPX7 Waterproof Take your toy from the bedroom to bathtub with no stress at all.​

Extra Stimulator Head We know that every body is different and beautiful! For this reason, every box includes two sizes of stimulator heads to ensure that everyone can enjoy their WOMANIZER.

  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • Material medical grade silicone
  • Pleasure Air technology
  • Smart Silence technology
  • Autopilot
  • 12 intensity levels
  • Charging time 120 min

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Oavsett om det handlar om att avstigmatisera perioder, att störa könsstereotyper eller att skydda planeten, förbinder vi oss varje dag att bygga en bättre värld. En som är säker, inkluderande och hållbar för alla.

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Vi har alla fått lära oss att tänka på vad för mat vi stoppar i våra kroppar, så varför ska vi inte tänka på andra saker också? Vi tycker att din kropp är som ett sagoland (klyschigt kanske, men helt sant!) och Lunette är designad med just det i åtanke.

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