"Ok. It took me a bit of time to get it in but now I got it (I'm 14 and still a virgin) and I love it! It stays and in place and I don’t have to change it every 3 hours like I did for pads and tampons. Yay! And the Lunette cleaning soap stuff is amazing! I love it all, thank you so much!!".

- Bono -

"Vi är övertygade om att menskopp är det bästa och mest hälsosamma mensskyddet. Vi tycker att det är oerhört viktigt att sprida kunskapen om menskoppar eftersom många tjejer och kvinnor fortfarande inte känner till att de existerar!"

- Jenny av Mensen, en grupp av mensaktivister -

95% av kunderna var nöjda med Lunette. Lunette fick högre betyg än alla andra menskoppar på marknaden.

"Skippa kostnaden varje månad, gör något för miljön, minska risken för infektion och ta hand om din hälsa. "

- Sassa, bloggare -

"Ett av världens bästa uppfinningar till oss kvinnor om du frågar mig."

- Emma, bloggare -

"Blown away! I got my Lunette 2 weeks before my period and was so excited to try it out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I can't even tell I have my period! It's so comfortable and easy to use. I am already telling all my girlfriends about it! No more messy pads and tampons for me. I love the clean fresh feel all day."

- Kerry -

"THANK YOU! I learned about Lunette from my sister-in-law. I had to get used to the idea, but since my skin is VERY sensitive and every month I experienced burning discomfort, but I did my research and decided upon the Lunette. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Love how it is shorter than others, with a perfect capacity. No more irritation! Thank you so very much!"

- Diane -

88% av kunderna svarade att deras livskvalitet under menstruation ökade när de använde Lunettes menskopp.

"LOVE! Better than divacup/femmecup/ladycup/mooncup. Both sizes work great. I didn't feel it at all when I was wearing Lunette (even lying down at night), and I actually forgot it was in! It's not as messy as I imagined…and it’s SO EASY to clean it! I even felt more in touch with my body and it gave me a feeling of doing ‘the right thing!!’ I am hooked and I will 100% recommend Lunette to ALL my friends."

- Laetitia -

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Lunette. I am 35, live in Australia and wish I were told about it 20 years ago, I feel cheated!! I have told every female I know about it - the advantages are amazing. It is so much cleaner, fresher and easier (and I'm helping mother nature) – win-win for all."

- Krissy -